About Us

We are a coordinated, community-centred coalition working together to achieve digital equity in Aotearoa.

The digital inclusion community

The digital inclusion community is doing incredible work building bridges across the digital divide in Aotearoa. Digital equity work is happening in our schools, marae, libraries, mobile education buses, community centres and increasingly, in central and local government. 

DECA members might be local initiatives making digital participation accessible, individuals passionate about digital inclusion, organisations that deliver digital skills training, programmes refurbishing laptops, iwi and hapū groups to name a few.

Friends of DECA walk alongside those doing vital frontline digital inclusion work to support and resource. Friends of DECA are companies making a difference, government agencies, local council and boards, social enterprises, academics, Community Foundations, funders and donors. 

DECA Members and Friends of DECA align with the DECA kaupapa and understand that Aotearoa cannot be a leading digital nation without addressing digital inequity.

DECA shines a light on digital inclusion initiatives, identifies gaps, advocates and offers space for innovation and cross-sector collaboration. 

We connect and support the digital inclusion community to be stronger, louder and have greater impact.


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The DECA story

The catalyst for DECA came out of Aotearoa’s 2020 COVID lockdown when the scale of digital exclusion was starkly revealed and the necessity of digital inclusion was beyond doubt. That same year, people and organisations from across the digital inclusion community consulted on, contributed to and signed the Internet NZ-led plan for digital inclusion, The five point plan for digital inclusion: COVID-19 and beyond

During the development of the Five Point Plan in 2020, common themes from digital equity community included a desire for more clarity and cohesion, increased opportunities and support for cross-sector collaboration.

A small group of people, the DECA Establishment Group, came together to explore what the needs were, and how best to connect and coordinate toward the shared goal of digital equity in Aotearoa.

Over a year and a half, the Group developed an initiative to achieve this vision, using an inclusive, consultative and community centered process. This included many conversations with those working at the frontline of digital inclusion, and a series of hui and consultation with the wider digital inclusion community.

In May 2021 DECA welcomed the Equity Advocate and Community Manager. The Establishment Group transitioned governance over to a community-led Stewardship Group with a mihi whakatau in October and DECA was officially launched. 

DECA Annual review: First Year of DECA - Matariki 2021 to Matariki 2022 pdf here

Our values and Kaupapa

Members, Friends of DECA and Constellations align with our founding values and kaupapa:

Whai mātauranga

We respect our Māori heritage and the knowledge, wisdom, and best practices that come with tikanga Māori. We acknowledge Te Tiriti o Waitangi and apply its ancestral intent to help us create spaces for all to be self determined. 

Equity beyond digital

We are led by the needs of the people and communities we serve. Digital equity should be available to people at the pace and place that they want. 


It is important to understand who we all are and how we relate to each other, acknowledge the work that has come before, and establish good relationships for the work ahead. 

Bias for action

We support approaches that create lasting change, and get going with the mahi even if it's not perfect. 

You can click here to see the DECA kaupapa