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We are a hub for the digital inclusion community in Aotearoa

See what we've done in our first year!

From Matariki 2021 to Matariki 2022, we've brought DECA's first year into life for you in this handy PDF.

First Year of DECA

Te Aha DECA.
What is DECA.

The Digital Equity Coalition Aotearoa (DECA) connects and supports the digital inclusion community in Aotearoa. Together we are stronger, louder, and have greater impact.

Our mission is digital equity.

We believe that every Kiwi should have clear, appropriate and affordable pathways to participate in digital life.

We are committed to Te Tiriti O Waitangi, learning about and from te ao Māori and integrating bi-culturalism into DECA governance, culture and systems.

We shine a light on digital inclusion initiatives, identify gaps, advocate, connect people and projects, offer space to collaborate and innovate.

Ko wai tatou.Who we are.

DECA is where the diverse groups and people working to achieve digital equity come together to increase impact and amplify each other’s voices.

DECA’s development has been highly consultative with a series of hui with the digital inclusion community feeding into and honing the kaupapa, model and governance. 

Our members include local initiatives making digital participation accessible including individuals passionate about digital inclusion, organisations that deliver digital skills training, programmes refurbishing laptops.

We are connected to philanthropists, engaged corporates, central and local government.

Together we are the Digital Equity Coalition Aotearoa, a connector of and independent voice for our community.

He aha te tika mamati?What is digital equity?

Digital equity exists when everyone can access and effectively use digital technologies so as to participate in our society, democracy and economy. Digital equity is our ultimate goal.

Digital inclusion refers to the initiatives and actions we undertake as we work towards digital equity. Digital inclusion is the means to achieve the goal.

Nga parenga ki te tika mamati.Barriers to digital equity.

Access to the digital world is now a basic necessity, just like running water to a house. Yet at least 10% of people in Aotearoa are digitally excluded and over 20% struggle to access necessary services to get on with life. 

The groups who have the most to gain from the digital world are often the ones who face barriers. This includes families on low incomes, seniors, Māori, Pacific peoples, those with disabilities, those new to Aotearoa and our remote communities. 

With everything from banking to government services going online, people who are not able to access those services are increasingly disadvantaged.

Show more about the problems we're confronting.

Nga otinga arotahi.Solution focused.

COVID 19 lockdowns have highlighted the digital divide. DECA grew out of the understanding that the causes of digital inequity are greater than any one organisation can solve.

The coalition grew out of a call from the digital inclusion community for radical systemic change, and the need for solutions-focused collaboration to achieve this change and maximise impact.

DECA has a bias to action and a commitment to a community-led systems change approach to digital inclusion mahi. 

Words and phrases we use most often are:

  • Relationship based
  • Te Tiriti lens
  • Collective impact
  • Systems change
  • Participatory funding
  • Flipping the model
  • Accessible
  • Centring lived experience voices
  • Healthy cross-sector collaboration 
  • Community-led
  • Mana enhancing
  • Open source resources to support others
  • Building the bridge as we walk along it

Find out more about our core mahi and constellations.

He aha ta tatou mahi. What we do.

We meet to share learnings, ideas and strategies

DECA members are invited to participate in hui and community panels, offer content for the blog and enewsletter -and participate in calls to action. DECA is also an entry point for people wanting to connect into the digital inclusion community.

We raise our voices together

A key part of our mahi is shining a light on the great work being done by the digital equity community and connecting people and projects.

We support diverse voices to be heard in media and advocacy, streamline consultation by bringing a focused voice to government policy development, and we run a national Digital Inclusion Week.

We provide space, connections and resources to seed and support change

We connect people and projects, develop and share tools and models for the digital equity community. DECA takes a decentralised approach to change-making, where members organise themselves around issues and initiatives of common interest and leverage the strengths and resources of each other. These groups are called constellations. This is where the work happens.

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