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Spotlight on: 360 Tautua Trust


One of the roles of DECA is to shine a light on the incredible work happening in community-led digital inclusion spaces. Today we'd like to introduce you to the 360 Tautua Trust. Huge thanks to Romana Fetu and her team for sharing this outline of the Trust's approach and programmes with us.

Tautua ma le Alofa -To Serve with Love

These guiding words shape the 360 Tautua polokalame and provide the foundation of all Programmes the 360 Tautua Trust offers. 

360 Tautua demonstrates our values of love, faith and service in everything we do.

360 Tautua provides culturally relevant intergenerational care and support.

360 Tautua works collaboratively with church groups, health and social service

providers, local businesses, philanthropy and government agencies.

360 Tautua Programmes are delivered in a range of workshops, interactive activities, talanoa, off site trips, educational programmes, digital awareness and community engagement. 360 Tautua Programmes are designed by and for our communities:

360 Fa’atuatua (Faith):

Working collaboratively with churches who provide pastoral and spiritual care for our Pacific Elders and carers. Faith is the centre of all Pacific Families so it is important

to embrace and have this as part of all our programmes. We work closely with Pastors who meet with them either online or in person giving them a space to share

as well as pray over them and with them.

360 Tautua (Serve) Days:

1) Day full of free activities to strengthen personal wellbeing and social connectedness

2) Storytelling, cultural learning and sharing through a culturally relevant buddy system between tupulaga (young people) and the elderly. Intergenerational.

3) Social activities including outings, physical activity, games and shared meals

4) Covid19 response: weekly check ups by phone and delivery of any needs

5) Pampering

Ke Fakahele au, Fakahele atu (Carers Programme):

A peer support network that provides a safe space for carers and families to share stories and experiences with others on the same journey. Social gatherings of carers

to have some “me time” and know they are not alone. Encourage, Empower, Equip and Embrace talanoa in a safe space.

360 Tautua Ball:

To honour and celebrate our elderly 360 Tautua hosts an annual ball. An event that will involve fellowship and acknowledgement that they are loved and valued as our

Pacific elderly parents.

Vaevae Manava (Meals on Wheels):

This service is providing seniors with the necessary pacific flavoured nutritional support to protect them against food insecurity, and to help them continue to live

independent and fulfilling lives. This service is primarily intended to support those who live alone or who are not able to prepare/make their own meals.

Covid-19 has made it a lot harder for our Elderly to access food let alone shop and prepare meals. Our service alleviates unnecessary stress and support with their

health and wellbeing. A meal is only the start of the value Meals on Wheels, the service also offers the opportunity for our Elderly to connect, socialise, engage and

Talanoa with our team. To be able to build a relationship and feel as if they belong and not isolated.

360 Lumana’i (Future):

Providing Educational and Parent Programmes to support our Pacific Families

and students to stay in education. Talanoa Ako - Ministry of Education


Digi-Matua provides a comprehensive, digital inclusion programme for Pacifica adults who have little or no education qualifications. It is delivered by our

Digi-Champs team nationwide in partnership with local Digi-Connectors in Aotearoa including Churches and Community Groups who have individuals who are struggling

to navigate around a digital device. Digi-Matua is run by 360 Tautua alongside Community Navigators to engage learners by teaching them the basic computing skills that they would be able to use to improve their life skills.

360 Tautua Ball:

To honour and celebrate our elderly 360 Tautua hosts an annual ball. An event that will involve fellowship and acknowledgement that they are loved and valued as our

Pacific elderly parents.

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