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Expressions of Interest: DECA Operations Team


Tuesday 14th March, 2023

Expression of Interest

DECA is looking to expand their Te Takere | Operations Team to continue to connect and support the digital inclusion community in Aotearoa. As part of the recent review, it was identified by the Te Ohu Whakatere | Stewardship Group that the core operations of DECA required more people in the Te Takere | Operations Team to achieve our mission and amplify the need in our communities.

We are looking for expressions of interest from individuals who have a good understanding and experience in digital inclusion, equitable access, using technology as a tool for social change and a commitment to creating a more equitable society in Aotearoa.

We are looking for 2 or 3 individuals to join our current Te Hakere | Operations Team member. Depending on the applicants, these could be part-time or full-time roles. 

These roles are a contract for services to deliver the roles and responsibilities in the areas outlined below:

Digital Equity Programmes

Focus on working with the community to develop relationships and support digital equity organisations, opportunities, programmes and work happening in the technology ecosystem. Working closely with the constellations and expert group to bring community and community voice into our space.


Responsible for:

  • Building and actioning DECA Digital Equity programmes 
  • Education & Training pathway support
  • Grants: planning, administration and support
  • Constellation: planning, administration and support


Focus on communicating the work being undertaken by DECA, DECA Community and organisations in the digital equity ecosystem. Keeping digital equity in the spotlight, shining light on our community and their work and amplifying community voice in this space. 

Responsible for:

  • Digital equity comms convergence with wider community
  • Strategic comms support to Stewardship Group and Expert Group
  • Pānui
  • Social Media
  • Website 
  • Podcast
  • Visual Identity

If you would like to offer an expression of interest or wish to discuss the opportunity further please email to arrange a korero.

Ngā mihi

Victoria MacLennan

DECA Ngā Kaiurungi | Co-Chair

Kris Dempster-Rivett

DECA Ngā Kaiurungi | Co-Chair